Feature Request - Resistance Mode fine tuning button on iPhone app

For longer intervals, I often like to use the resistance mode on my KICKR–I find I can do a better job than power match–but often struggle to find a gearing/cadence that I want to settle in to. It’s often a higher cadence than I might want during the interval, and too low of a cadence for the recoveries. This leaves me wanting to toggle the resistance by 1% increments up/down to allow for some fine tuning of power/RPM targets. The sliders simply don’t allow for accurate changes, particularly mid-workout on the bike with sweaty hands.

My experience is futher complicated by some slipage in the resistance as my KICKR warms up. I.e. I notice that my trainer resistance tends to fade a bit as the workout progressess, and I will typically need to speed my cadence by 3-5 RPM over the course of an interval to maintain power.


Thanks for the recommendation! We are working on an app redesign right now so I will pass your suggestion on to our Product Managers :slight_smile:

Just want to post to say I agree completely

The space below the slider is CRYING OUT for + / - buttons to control resistance.

The current set up is impossible to use when HR at threshold and hands sweaty


It’s the same on the desktop app - really hard to select the exact resistance level you want. The sliders are fine to get in the ballpark, but really hard to use to fine tune.


Hi AlphaDogCycling,

I don’t use the desktop app but my understanding is that there are hotkeys to change resistance (T to change trainer mode and arrow keys left and right to change resistance setting).

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Forgot to say that the current app screenshot I posted above is a great improvement on the prior situation which involved having to pause the workout to change to resistance mode. So kudos/thanks to the app design team for that, just needs a bit more refinement!


FYI, Bryce no longer works for TR. @IvyAudrain is the TR Community Manager now, and the best person to tag now instead of Bryce.


Use the left/right arrow keys … problem solved! :metal:

This is the #1 reason I use the desktop app. Good luck!

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When I logged into the app this morning, as someone who rides almost exclusively on resistance mode, I was absolutely delighted to see the + and - buttons for resistance mode. Taking the feedback from the community and implementing it into feature releases is what makes TrainerRoad the best in the biz. Hats off to the whole TR team!


Thanks for the love! Stoked we could help out!