Feature Request - Resistance Mode fine tuning button on iPhone app

For longer intervals, I often like to use the resistance mode on my KICKR–I find I can do a better job than power match–but often struggle to find a gearing/cadence that I want to settle in to. It’s often a higher cadence than I might want during the interval, and too low of a cadence for the recoveries. This leaves me wanting to toggle the resistance by 1% increments up/down to allow for some fine tuning of power/RPM targets. The sliders simply don’t allow for accurate changes, particularly mid-workout on the bike with sweaty hands.

My experience is futher complicated by some slipage in the resistance as my KICKR warms up. I.e. I notice that my trainer resistance tends to fade a bit as the workout progressess, and I will typically need to speed my cadence by 3-5 RPM over the course of an interval to maintain power.

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Thanks for the recommendation! We are working on an app redesign right now so I will pass your suggestion on to our Product Managers :slight_smile: