Custom workout request


I have an iPad to watch moves/play music on and run the TR software from my iPhone which works great… however my work laptop is absolutely locked down in regards to downloading any software including TR :frowning: .

What is the best way to get a custom workout in within TR without this?

I basically wanted to create the 3 bike workouts from This 8:49:04 Ironman Arizona Win: How Scott Bowe, the Fastest Amateur, Trained

Thursday is probably easy to find but not sure about the others. Is there an online workout i can do OR can TR make this for their library??

As far as I know (read it on here or maybe the podcast), they are re-developing the workout creator into a web version I think. Which then hopefully solves the OS issues.

I’m running TR from my android phone, and, while this is already a lot better than what zwift and others offer, there are now quite a few TR features I can’t use - workout creator, group workouts, ftp-predicting ramp tests… hopefully one of the new apps will be ready soon…

In the absence of creating my own workouts I would simply look to Full Distance Triathlon Base 2. There are workouts there that are very similar to what the article lists. The only real difference I can see is the recovery valleys in the article are 75% FTP and TRs are 50%. You could just manually bump the intensity for those recovery intervals.

It’s not been started on yet. I asked a couple of days ago.

Thanks, thought they’d be further… :slightly_frowning_face:

Me too

I made something similar in the Workout creator but don’t think it can be shared to other users? If you know how share I’ll easily make them for you.

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As far as I know the only way to share workouts with other people is to create a team and have them join it and then add those workouts to your teams library.

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You can add your custom workouts to a Team, then invite other people to that Team

You can create the workouts on Training Peaks, link your account to TR and they will appear in your calendar.

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It’s totally possible to create and share! The trick is to create your workout as a .mrc file outside Workout Creator, and you can share that file with others. Once you figure out the format, it’s extremely simple, it’s really just a text file that describes power over time. Here’s how to create a .MRC file..

Just drop the file into your Workout Creator window, and bob’s your uncle. I actually think it’s easier to do it as a MRC file than using the workout creator interface, which is a little unintuitive sometimes.

Thanks. I just made a team, can mess with files if that’s the preferred option…added @Michaelakers1985 but not sure if thats your TR username but ping me a message and let me know if it has worked and if the workouts are what you wanted. Some of the descriptions required interpretation :smiley:

edit to add the team link…


Wow, thanks!! That’s really kind, exactly what I needed

Will try to add and import then. Sending you a virtual beer!

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hah, no worries mate. I didn’t vary the interval intensity for the SS sessions, just stuck with 90%. The max repeats are fairly subjective aswell so kinda hard to estimate. Stuck 105% in there.

If you join the team you should beable to find them on your ipad when searching for workouts. Just filter for “Custom”

If you want them changed a bit or something else added just ping me a pm…gives me a nice break when working from home!



Thanks a real legend and no they look perfect to me!