Feature Request - "Wildcard Workout"

I don’t think this has been requested before but I think it could be a fun feature…

Can TR make a workout where the overall statistics are shown but the detail/graph is unknown for the user.
It would help to simulate a race where unexpected things happen at unexpected times and give those training for crit/RR/MTB’s a chance to practise being surprised with hard efforts, not knowing how hard they will have to go or how long they will last.

The workout details given could suggest that the TSS is X, the IF is Y (to give you a good idea of the scope of the workout) and that it is based on a “Crit” style race and that attacks would be likely between 5-15mins in and then a breakaway might form.
Therefore the user would know the vague expectations of the workout but would be surprised when something comes (much like you would in a race).

I know that I myself take a lot from looking at the graph beforehand, knowing that an upcoming interval might be 140% and will only for x minutes. I know I’ll be able to eat/drink after and the mentality with that interval is completely different to what I’d be thinking during a race situation when suddenly someone pops off the front and I need to leap into action.

And then the workout could be different each time.
It could fit nicely into a speciality phase of a training plan…


The text overlays could be fun. ‘You drank at the wrong time, sprint”. Or “dog. Dog on the run. Go go go”

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I think Chad mentioned on a recent podcast that he used to host a group workout like this back in the day and it was *not popular hahaha. :imp:


I can’t say I’d like it but I would do something like this. Would be interesting times if nothing scheduled in.

I’ve covered a version of this topic over the years, with “blind” as my key term. Hacking with a sticky note or other option like hiding the entire screen (mainly for ERG use), can come to some level of addressing this concept. To a degree, using a simulation like Zwift, RGT, etc. may be a better solution for the trainer if an “unknown” workout demand is desired. But for reference, here are a few of the times I’ve hit on this idea.

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Only problem going in blind, especially with ERG mode would be the cadence changes with power. Could you imagine going from leisure z2 power to 400+w with no warning? That would bog you down pretty hard!

Maybe it could be cool if it stayed blank and gave you the “end of interval chime” and then the next interval appeared 5 or 10 seconds before the interval started to let you ramp up and prep. This sounds like way more work than its worth but would be really cool to see! Get to work, Team!

I’m all for this and was sad to hear Chad had no intensions of creating them. I think there are enough of us who would love the option. In regards to Erg mode you could be prompted 3 seconds before an interval change with the power target listed sans duration. The workouts could be grouped as, crit, rolling road race, climbing race, mtb with intervals reflecting said conditions. Durations of 45, 60, 90 min. And If we feel like we can’t hold on then we can drop the intensity until we’re ready to ramp it back up again or worse case scenario for the remainder of the ride.