Dynamic TR Workouts (Feature Request)

Recently while in the depths of Bashful +1 a thought occurred to me – now that TR have a capabilities of a dynamic workout – the Ramp Test, is there a possibility of creating other dynamic workouts, but throw in intervals at random to simulate a race situation?

Last year I did a couple of race-specific workouts like Diamond Valley, but even though they are HARD, they are predictable – you know when you can recover and can psych yourself up for the next effort during the recovery valleys. My experience of racing is that it is not predictable, at any moment you might need a 15 second burst, be able to hold 1 min at 120% FTP, hold a 5 minute effort with no structured rest period between as per the TR workouts.

Even if the workout was just a load of random intervals, it would be cool if there was no preview available and you went into it blind and had to adapt to the efforts required as they came.

Love the product and keep up the good work!

There are hints of this coming(or something similar) all over the forum from the TrainerRoad team, but nothing official yet.


I think an interval that fluctuates randomly within a certain range of a target power would be useful as this better simulates real-world riding (especially on rolling terrain) than fixed or ramping intervals.

The ability to absorb fluctuations while riding at a given average power is something you need to develop, in my opinion.

Another idea would be to obfuscate the length or exact intensity of an interval in order to develop your ability to deal with “open ended” situations, something that is a big part of racing. E.g. “??? minutes at 275 watts” or “5 minutes at ??? watts” I often find that knowing exactly how long and hard an interval on the trainer will be becomes somewhat of a crutch.

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