New workout Idea

An idea occured to me during my morning suffering (McAide)

Workouts are hard, sometimes I’m not sure I can finish them but the thing that keeps me going is “only xx mins left” or “over halfway though”. This is subtly different to what I train for when often I don’t know when the pain / chase / climb will end.

Therefore, however about TR create a workout(s) with random wattage(s) and time and no fowrad display to show what’s coming up :sunglasses:.

Obviously when choosing it there will have to be limits, time less than 1:30, intensity between 0.8-0.9 and max wattage 1.5x FTP (or whatever Chad thinks). Actually there could be a number of random workouts with different levels of difficulty.

Imagine starting a workout not knowing what was coming up…:grimacing:


Like riding a new totally unknown route. Could be flat, could be full of punchy climbs!

That could kinda be the concept of it anyway.

I like the idea. I have a thing for weird workout intervals.


This is a really good idea, it could be one day a week, maybe your Saturday race simulation workout, you do your warmup and your only shown your workout as you progress like every few mins…

If I understand what you’re proposing, I love the sound of this :+1:

It could be done really well for crit and road race specialties.