Feature Request-Swap Buttons

Could you swap the “M” and the “space bar” functions on the PC version?

I find that I really do not need to pause as it will auto pause if I stop but I do need to stand and stretch every 10-15 minutes and use the “M” resistance function to do this. I have accidentally hit the “Space Bar” while hitting the “M” multiple times and then the confusion as to what is happening sets in. Is it a drop? Did my electricity just go out? No, its just the silliness of trying to hit a small key while reaching and pedaling when there is a five times larger key possibly available ?

Thanks for considering.

Thanks for taking the time to share your suggestion @SG123!

The reason we have the spacebar set as to play/pause the workout is that not everyone has the Pedal to Play/Pause feature enabled. For those that prefer to manually start and stop their workout, it makes more sense to have the pause button larger since it is a function that will be used every ride, whereas not every user will be changing the resistance mode every ride.

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Something to consider in the future is to allow the user to change keyboard mapping of all functions and shortcuts in the desktop versions.

Would also be cool to be able to adjust resistance using a USB volume knob.

Thanks for the reply and explanation.

Could there be a choice to assign the function of the space bar or could it default to the space bar if auto pause is enabled?

Thanks again for considering.

You both bring up good points and I’ll pass your ideas onto the team :+1:.


I’d like place a vote against swapping the functions of these buttons. The space bar is used as a play/pause button in many, many applications. Deviating from this unofficial standard would violate the “principle of least surprise” and be a mistake in my opinion.

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