Virtually impossible to pause a workout in iOS and a notch screen phone

Hi guys,

The pause button placement in iOS on an 11 pro max takes dozens of presses to work, if at all.

Is there another way to pause the workout. I just tried 25 or so times to pause a workout, without success. Yes I quit the app and relaunched and tried again.

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Ummm…just stop pedalling?

I’m on rollers, not on a trainer controlled by the app.

I’ll admit I’ve just wanted a bigger pause button in general. When pedaling like crazy and trying to avoid getting unnecessary zeros in the data being able to hit pause is great. But I find even on my huge iPad pro screen the pause button is only about as big as the tip of my pinky and not very responsive. I would like it if the size of the button or at least the area around it would be increased or at least a bit more sensitive to pausing.

rotate the phone

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