Workout pause development

What’s the possibility of developing the workout pause function to maybe pause the workout at 50% FTP for example?
Instead a of a complete stop/start?
I think during a severe interval session, this would maybe help riders to finish the session instead of quitting the workout early.

apologies in advance if this has been already mentioned!

If you are on PC, pressing the space bar will pause the workout right then and there. Just a fyi. But I agree, it would be nice for the workout to pause earlier than what it currently does.

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I know how the pause function works, I’m suggesting, that whilst paused from the current workout it just holds @50ftp, I think this is a better way to clear the legs. I find if I stop completely, there’s less chance of starting again

Never knew that! nice one!

More good stuff for PC (and eventually Mac, when they add the functionality there).