iPad Display Feature Request

Looking for a possible iPad display update. The option to pause a workout is a small icon about the size of a pencil eraser. During a hard ride and often with wet hands, it’s difficult to hit that very small part of the screen. Any thoughts on a better solution? Double tap anywhere in the black space to bring up a confirmation to pause button etc.

Second request is to make it easier to access trainer mode options during the cool down. Currently the target is a small area located near the app switching bar. To stay in erg mode and bump from 80w to 180w it’s 100 presses. Any chance this entire area can be revisited? Add a few extra buttons to bump 10 or 20 watts each press.

Overall the screens are well displayed. Seems to be a lot of empty space that could make changes while riding easier.

Thx for any consideration.


Seconded! Especially the pause button, I don’t think I’ve ever hit it correctly on the first attempt

We enabled hold-down to increase on the intensity key! You just have to press once and hold down. :sunglasses:

Regarding pause button: will bring this up to the team for sure!
Quick fix before the development team can address improvement: enabling ‘Pedal to Resume/Pause’ in your settings.

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I would love it if there was some kind of visible/audible alert just before any workout instructions appear on the screen. Like a lot of others, I’m running TR on my iPad and Zwift on my Apple TV simultaneously, and most of the time I’m actually staring at Zwift, so I have missed the workout instructions because of it. Maybe flash the screen, sound a bell, or something like that just to get my attention so that I know to look down at my iPad?

  • There is already an option for that.

  • Open “Settings” in the app, make sure “Instructional Text Sounds” is ON. Also check your volume to be sure it’s high enough.

  • Once set, this will sound a beep just before restarting instructions after some time without them. I am not sure specifically how much “dead air” this actually is, but it is a decent gap. It won’t beep for each line of text.

Thanks! I totally forgot about this. But, strangely I already have this on but I don’t remember hearing anything. Maybe I just need to turn up my iPad volume more… I’ll listen for it specifically on my next workout…

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Yup, I would guess it’s a volume issue.

So today I did Tallac (which has a fair amount of text) with the volume turned up on my iPad, while running Zwift (without any music), and staring at TR and I actually heard the instructional text sound :slight_smile:. However, it’s such a low key and quiet sound that it’s hardly noticeable even when I’m actively listening for it :thinking:. It’s like the muffled sound of a ball drop and at maybe half(?) volume compared to the interval beeps (which are always loud and clear even at lower iPad volumes). This doesn’t seem very effective to me, and probably why I’ve never noticed it before. I normally run my iPad around half volume and have both Zwift and music playing in the background, so in that scenario it just doesn’t get my attention. In fact, I never even noticed it before today :man_shrugging:.

Also, there is a lot of text in Tallac but I’m not clear on when the instructional text sound is supposed to be issued because while I’m staring at TR I sometimes hear the sound before the text and sometimes I don’t :thinking:. Maybe I need a hearing check. Is it just me?