Feature request: SmO2 and THb on the app + graphs

I’d be interested in the CORE temperature monitor support. Like others said, I don’t want to have to use my head unit just to gather indoor data, so if TR added support for that, I’d probably pick one up.

Agreed, and my guess is that deleting the TR recorded ride and uploading what was recorded on the head unit would break AT.

It makes it a pain for all data collection. If I want smo2 data I need to record on my Garmin in addition to tr. Now I have the same workout recorded twice screwing up strava, intervals.icu, xert, etc. They think it’s two different workouts and not just two recordings of the same thing. AT would also have a problem if it thinks I’m doing twice as much work as I really am


Any news here ??

Let me know if you have additional questions, but this aforementioned advice about Feature Requests still applies currently. :v:

Another vote for SmO2 integration/support. Definitely interested if this could be accommodated down the track.