Humon Muscle Oxygen Sensor

Has anyone used one of these?
How is the app?
Seems invasive to ride with…thoughts?


This mentions it.

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I’ve used a Moxy but never outdoors. It’d be a little ‘clunky’ to use outdoors in my opinion.

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I just got one 2 weeks ago. I was holding off because I too thought it would be invasive. But I was wrong. Fits under my bib shorts and unless I look and see the bump, I don’t even know it’s there.

The app seems pretty good, but I’ve only recorded with the app once. I record with my Garmin. Garmin does display the oxygen data on garminconnect, but you can upload your fit file to humon for the way nicer looking graphs.

Overall I’ve been super happy and impressed with it. Currently doing mostly Z2 riding, so although I am getting useful data from it, I’m not getting the most out of it yet.

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Check out the referenced other thread mentioned by chad.

I use the app only to start the workout and glance at it later. You’ll want to record to your garmin or wahoo and use the fields for them.

I use it every ride and the humon field is on most of my screens, I like it.

It is not invasive at all. The way they show it on their site makes it look invasive. I put mine off on the vastus lateralis under the shorts, near the end of the shorts. I never ever notice it after putting shorts over it.

If you use WKO4, there is a great selection of graphs available.

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thanks for the detailed reply! mind explaining how you use this data that you’ve collected and apply to your training? how does this make you stronger or faster? if theres info on the website specifically addressing this let me know.

I don’t really use it to guide training other than to see the effects of interval length and intensity, and to get a sense of how the legs are doing on any particular day. If I only had things that directly made me faster or stronger, I could downsize to a studio apartment.

I’d say more but look at the other thread in which I wrote a lot about why I like it.

I just looked into buying a Humon Hex, but saw that they are sold out on the Humon web page, as are all other items listed on the site. Does anyone know if this is temporary or permanent?

Sure doesn’t look that good does it. I emailed a guy there and will let you know what I hear.

Dear Humon Athlete,

I’m reaching out with an important update about the future of Humon.

We started Humon in 2015 with the mission of empowering people with the body insights that they need to become their better selves. After years of research and development we released our first product, the Hex, in 2018. In the years that followed we were lucky to count amongst our customers some of the most talented athletes, professional teams, gyms, medical centers and academic researchers in the world. These people were able to leverage the Hex and Humon’s software and algorithms to improve their performance, reduce injury and push the world of research forward. To this day we remain convinced that muscle oxygen is the best metric of exertion that exists.

That said, it is still a new and somewhat misunderstood metric that requires sustained levels of market education to exist. Sadly, Humon will no longer be able to further develop this technology and make muscle oxygen available and understandable to the world.

As of February 13th, 2020 we regrettably have no choice but to shut down most of the Humon service. Our iOS and Android mobile application will no longer be available for new downloads on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, our cloud backend and web platform will be shut down, and our support channels closed. That said, you’ll still continue to be able to use your Hex with your Garmin data field that will remain available to download on the Connect IQ Store.

We understand that this comes as a major disappointment to those of you who do not use Garmin products but it is the necessary path forward today. It is also why we stopped selling the Hex in early January, as we began to realize that this would be the case.

This is not an uncommon story in the world of startups, but it is also how innovations can flourish and end up benefiting millions in the long run. On behalf of the Humon team we wanted to thank you all for you trust, support, and help in bringing this product to market. Together, we’ve written a chapter in the history of muscle oxygen.


I used one for much of last year. I stopped in July.

It didn’t teach me anything new so much as confirm some things already learned – that I needed a good 30 minutes to really get warmed up, and that intermittent intervals could achieve the same destauration levels as continuous ones.

Uh oh. I ended up able to buy one from a power meter seller, and have been using it for a little while with my Garmin, though have also had to use the iPhone app to get it to start transmitting so the Garmin will see it.

I sure hope I’ll still be able to use the app (if only to start the unit transmitting) - I’ll be really disappointed if i just bought a brick…

Thanks for finding this info, though, chiefhiawatha.

App will not be supported, but if you have a Garmin, it will still work. Here’s how to star the workout without the app.

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And as for analysis, WKO4 and WKO5 have humon charts aplenty.

Thanks for the info. Too bad they didn’t make it - wish I and others found them sooner as so far I am happy with the device. I’m already warming up better and seeing opportunities to improve interval workouts.

I guess I’ll just have to practice the “double-click” to get that to work. I didn’t have luck with it when I first started using it, and quit trying once I realized I could start it with the app. It’s taken me a while to get the hang of turning it on and it still takes me a few tries sometimes. The button is a bit disagreeable but I suppose that’s to prevent accidental pushes under bike shorts.

Any advice as to how hard to press and how long to hold each double-click, and how long to release in between them would be much appreciated.

I use WKO5 Humon Hex reports so am all set there.

It’s a hard press for me. Length of press is short and normal. The turn on press might be longer, like a second or 2 to get it to turn on. Once u get red light which means its on. Double hard press the button to get blue light, which means it’s calibrating. Then once it changes green it’s broadcasting ant+ and u ready to go. When finished, its 2 hard presses to get it to go red, then 1 to turn off.

I assumed the button was harder due to waterproofing as well.