Feature request: shorten/skip cooldown button

Polarized uses a three zone model. Z2 on the seven-zone scale is Z1 in polarized.

So, 3h20m of 50-80% FTP.

See below:

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Yep! Looking at your calendar and ride logs, it makes more sense for you to just have a standard, non polarized plan so that you don’t have to keep cutting every weekday ride short, and you can continue doing higher volume rides on the weekends to retain that structure you want. OR you can keep manually shortening and achieving the same thing, both methods are fine and achieve the same outcome, one is just more work than the other. :sunglasses:

This is exactly what I’ve done with these workouts this season.

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There’s a non-sweet spot standardized plan? The only one I’ve found was the “time crunch” HIIT.

Really, all I want is 1 day VO2Max + 1 day Threshold per week. I’ve done it manually, but I’ve found that just tweaking the Polarized plan is easier. And technically speaking, I am following polarized training, for the most part. It’s hard to keep Polarized’s Zone 2 from sneaking into outdoor stuff here and there, but I do try to minimize it.

The following Low-Volume phases are ‘non sweet spot’, and don’t have any sweet spot workouts in them at all!

  • Traditional Base
  • Short Power Build
  • General Build
  • Sustained Power Build
  • plus every Specialty Phase in Road and Enthusiast with the exception of Century.

Adding these phases to your calendar as ‘ad-hoc’ plans also function within Adaptive Training. :+1: