Feature Request: Skip forward to cooldown

When you need to cut a workout short, it’d be nice to have an easy option to skip to the cooldown. On the Android app, the only option is to end the workout.

I see that this has been discussed before. Just wanted to make it an official feature request. Thanks.


Try this.


Thanks for the link. I’ll try that out next time. I wonder how easy it will be to select the exact start of the cooldown section especially with the mobile app. When adjusting the intensity, I often have to poke it multiple times for it to take affect. It seems like you have to hit the + or - area just right.

About skipping to cooldown, I was thinking of a “Cooldown Now” option similar to the Extend Cooldown option. This would be obvious and easy.

I’m with you on this @dlec10. The scrubbing isn’t really a valid option when in the middle of a workout. At least when using your phone.

If you’re on a laptop or desktop and find it hard to hit the + or - buttons while riding you can just hit the up or down arrow keys to change the percentage as long as TrainerRoad is the active window.