Feature Request: Ride Match

I am not sure if this has been suggested previously but I would love a feature that compares a non-TR workout ride (outdoor or indoor) to the closest TR workout. This would enable a user to factor in other rides into the structured training plan beyond using TSS. Perhaps most outdoor rides would look nothing like any of the workouts with their on off nature but even if we get a lot of “Baxter” matches it would help.


On what metrics would this match be done?

TSS is probably the only good way of comparing 2 very different workouts and even that has it’s limitations. Maybe time in each zone would help characterise a ride?

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Interesting idea. Could be a nice addition in the future.

You could use Machine Learning for that and feed the system with training data (outside rides associated with workouts…).

with which metrics?

I’d assume power curve.

Maybe Time in Zones + some kind of interval detector
TSS and IF could be factors too

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Yes, was think it could pull intervals of a non-TR ride based on power and duration. For example, 1:30 endurance ride that bounces around = Baxter. Approx 1 hour ride that has close to 3 x 12 Sweet Spot = Mount Field. I know the power profile of outdoor rides in particular can be pretty noisy but this would be cool. Kind of like reverse engineering the outdoor ride feature. There is also potential for cross over with other applications that use power such as Zwift and Peloton (I know the Peloton power meter/estimation is not as accurate as power meters or smart trainers).

I don’t see the point in cross-reference of a random ride and a comparable TR workout.

If you have ride data with power, you already have TSS which is all you really have for top level review in TR.

The ride is completed and won’t change. If you went out with the intent to perform an outside TR workout per your schedule, a basic review of the workout vs the goal is already possible.

If you have some random ride outside, Zwift or other, it’s still just done. Knowing what TR workout might be close to it seems of limited use to me.


These are great points Chad. One of the key messages that we try to convey is that unstructured riding is less effective than carefully structured and deliberately excecuted training. A feature like this would somewhat contradict that messaging, which we want to avoid.

The reality is that unless you went out with the delberate intention of completing intervals, it will not really be close enough. And if you did go out with the deliberate intention of completing a workout, you likely would push that workout to your head unit, complete it outside, and then associate the outdoor ride with the TR workout when you’re done.

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Good points guys. I was coming at it from the angle that rides can be structured and deliberate but can be hard to match in advance. For example, you could train outside with the intention of doing sweet spot intervals. The reality of outdoor riding could derail your 2 x 20 plan and you end up with something closer to 4 x 8. Or you could aim for sweet spot and your group ride puts you in threshold. In both these cases, there could be a clear training benefit but a lack of adherence to your planned workout.

It could also mean that when you are doing other rides, you are more aware of the training benefit. Overall, I was trying to think of where TR goes from here to further integrate TR with outdoor riding and riding on other platforms, apart from TSS.

And I was kind of hoping that at some point during the year, TR could match an outdoor ride to Disaster. :grimacing:

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I’d say that most of your desires are more about post-ride analysis of the exact ride and demands, rather than finding a “similar” workout from the TR library.

If you did an outside TR workout, analyzing your intervals against the targets would be more useful. I haven’t done any of that yet, to see if TR imports the laps and interval info. If it does, that is great and you can try to review manually.

If it doesn’t pull them automatically, you can do manual intervals, or use something like Intervals.icu to review the intervals. That app also does a deeper dive in some areas than the basic TR tools, so it may prove useful to you.

Overall, I do think a post-ride or workout analysis is useful and if TR can work to automate the review of compliance to the goals, that would be helpful.