Feature request: Return Kickr to default resistance after ending workout

Submitting on behalf of my wife, as she’s a Kickr user (I’m a rollers guy):

When she ends a workout, the Kickr remains at the ridiculously low resistance from the cool-down. So if she wants to continue riding longer, she has to open the Wahoo app and start a workout in there, to return to the default resistance.

Be great if after ending a TR workout, it would return the Kickr to it’s default resistance.

Thanks for your consideration!

Another idea would be to have a quick access “manual” mode with full-range resistance adjustment.

I realize you can extend a cool-down, but it’s limited to a 200% increase. With as low as the cool-down is, that’s still not enough for her. :muscle:

I believe there are some “free ride” blank workouts, could be worth her giving one of those a shot?

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