Free ride at end of workout?

At the end of a work out, I have the option to extend the cool down if I want. But from what I can figure out (which is limited!) the only way I can adjust how hard this is will be via the intensity adjust buttons. I guess what I am am asking here i if I do an hour workout, but feel good and have say a spare extra 20 mins I would like to free ride this at whatever power I want at the end of my workout. I assumed that if I extended the cool down in the work out this would give me this option. But what I have experienced is it just does that. It extends the cool down with cool down power. I want to basically free ride at this point at whatever power i want. Is this possible? Its a very manual process to adjust the intensity to up the Watts, which is how I currently do it. Makes throwing in a couple of sprint drills etc impossible.

Am I missing something here? Or not using the app properly?

I am using TR on a windows PC with Kickr Core on ERG mode.

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Switch to resistance mode during the cooldown.


Ahhhhhh right. SO finish workout, jump into settings and switch from ERG on the Kickr to Resistance. Its that straight forward?


I believe so.

You said you’re on a Windows PC, so I think you can even skip the jump into settings:


Oh yes! I didn’t even know this existed. This is getting slicker and slicker by the minute.


I have done both methods, adjust intensity to make a target wattage and keep erg mode going and turn off erg mode and go into standard (one click on screen).

Sometimes I have those extra 20 minutes and just add time in Z2 at about 70% ftp for this I keep erg on and adjust % intensity. Sometimes free ride as it is more fun and I will do that. I will also often turn erg off to add a couple sprints to the end of my workout anything from all out 10s, 30s, and occassionally 1min efforts. Never hurts much to sprint when already fatigued after a hard session similar to a race situation.

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Yeah thats exactly what i am looking to do. Good to know it can be done!