Can you set a default resistance to your smart trainer when not in Erg (without connection)

I have a CycleOps Hammer, and I’ve only ever used it either in ERG mode, or Resistance mode while connected to an app. If don’t connect my trainer to any sort of app, the default resistance is so light it’s pretty useless for any sort of free riding. Is there anyway to change that, like through firmware or something? Otherwise I’m connecting to an app just to do the equivalent of twisting the resistance knob on a dumb trainer.

On my Kickr I simply turn the power on, launch TR app or Wahoo app, and put the Kickr into standard mode at level 2 or 3 or … depending on the workout. Just need to do that once, at power on, and it stays at that setting for the entire workout.

It would be nice to tell the trainer “power on at this resistance or standard level” and I’ve never tested that on the Kickr. My habit has been to fire up the app briefly, just before I start the workout (just like outside, I’m using bike computer to show workout targets and record).

Yeah, i do the same thing. I was just curious if there was a way to do that without connecting, but I guess that’s not possible.

I haven’t tested it, and wonder if the Kickr powers on to last setting. Dunno until I test it a few times. Or call Wahoo and ask.

I’ll say this, when I get on bike the Kickr power is turned off. I’m spinning at 80-90rpm and power (Stages) is 20-40W. Then I power on the Kickr and my bike computer shows power jumps to something like 100W. Well my last session ended around 100W in the same gear, so maybe it does default to previous setting. I’d have to test by putting into a high resistance setting (like Standard level = 9), power off the trainer, and then power it back on and compare power on bike computer (measured at crank arm) with previous session. But that is too much work and so I just got in the habit of quickly firing up the app before starting the workout on my bike computer.

For the H2, they introduced a “headless mode”. If you have the trainer plugged in, but not connected to any app, it will mimic a fluid resistance power curve.

This next generation of CycleOps smart trainers also touts a headless mode that simulates a standard fluid trainer when ridden unpaired,

I think this is true for the older Hammer, if you have upgraded to one of the more recent firmware options.

Ah! That’s exactly what I was talking about. It appear that was a “feature” for the H2 and my trainer doesn’t have it. Thanks Chad, you’re a training oracle as usual…

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Happy to help, but I’m we’ll short of an oracle :stuck_out_tongue: