App Design/functionality improvement ideas


Absolutely love the app, and mostly I find it very user friendly. I usually run it on my iPhone or a dedicated Android phone, not so much on my PC.

However, there are a couple of things I think could be much neater in the user interface. First off, I think it’s much to complicated to change between erg and resistance mode, and second, once you’re in resistance mode shifting the resistance up and down should be much easier to do.

When you’re tired and sweaty pressing the tiny “DEVICES” text at the bottom of the screen and then get a huge popup covering about two thirds of the screen, could be done so much neater. It’s kind of distracting to lose most of the screen just to adjust your resistance.

I have a few ideas on how to do it in a really nice way, who can I talk to? Even have suggestions on which libraries to use… :wink:


  • Generally good to start by searching, since many suggestions are already made and have related discussion (as shown).
  • When in doubt, you can make a post like you did, in the “TrainerRoad Software” category, and add the “feature-request” tag, which makes finding these easier.
  • Add your comments and suggestions in either and TR looks at it all.

Hi Chad,

thanks for your quick reply!

I actually did search, but perhaps I used the wrong words. I did find discussions on this topic but they were mostly focused on the PC App. But now I know where to ask questions like these in the future. :smiley:

I work with app development myself, and the ideas I have are slightly different from the ones in the threads. And I didn’t really feel it was a feature request per se, I wanted to give concrete solutions that won’t clutter the screen etc. Just trying to help since I code a lot in React Native which I’m under the impression you use, but I figured the general public wasn’t interested in me talking code here in the forum.


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