Feature Request: +/- 10% Erg Buttons


Total first world problem / recommendation here. I run TR off of a laptop half way across the room and only interact with it via wireless mouse. I think it would be useful to have -10% and +10% chevrons to the left and right of the erg controls, outboard of the -1% and +1% buttons. For extended warmups and cooldowns, where target power is often 45-50%, it takes a lot of button clicking at 1% increments to get to middle or upper endurance zone, and obviously more to go higher.

Excuse the text-only graphic below but I was thinking something like this:

<< < 100% > >>


<< is -10%
< is -1%
100% is the erg setting

is +1%

is +10%

Also, up/down or left/right buttons next to the Resistance setting would be useful, too, instead of just a slider.

Again, total first world problems and way low on the Feature Request list, but if it’s easy to do …



I tried that too.

+1 for additional controls for the resistance setting. I usually do my workouts in Erg mode, but switch to resistance for sprints, and sometimes for SS and Threshold intervals. I like to (need to?) have the resistance set low-ish for longer intervals, and need to bump the resistance up for sprints. This helps me keep similar gearing to what I’d use outside. With the slider, it’s really easy to overshoot and the added resistance bogs me down and breaks rhythm. I use TR on a iPhone 11 in portrait mode, which probably plays a role. That slider is tiny!

Thanks, all! I’ll pass this along to the team. I definitely hear you how continuous press intensity increase doesn’t jive well for larger increase increments, but in the meantime, while this request is under consideration, holding down the up and down arrows is an available workaround now that we’ve released that update! (No more having to click for each single percentage!)



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