Ramp test suggestion (Feature Request)

Yesterday I did my ramp test, and what I see as problematic is the painful button clicking between your last interval and the warm down. So it says stop peddling to end the test. And that is ok if I didn’t have to get up from my bike (keyboard is not really close) and hitting 3 buttons in 3 dialog boxes to be able to do the warm down. This seams really hard to do after destroying yourself with a ramp test :smiley:

Wouldn’t it be easier to just stop pedaling TR software will have a count down, let’s say 5 seconds, and then automatically continues with the warm down. Accepting the new FTP can be done after the ramp test ends.


Not an issue for me as I use my phone right in front of me, But I can see your issue. It Seems like that would be a great solution

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I ordered a converter for usb to usb micro so I can run trainer road from my tablet. Hopefully it will work.