Feature Request: pending adaptations push notification and/or email

I was at work today thinking I had a certain threshold on my calendar after work, but when I got home and turned on the Windows app, ready to go, it told me I had pending adaptations and bumped me up to a workout 0.4 higher!

(This worked out really well - I got through it and felt great, so that’s fantastic!)

But I was mentally prepared for the other workout, so it did throw me a bit, and also delayed my training while I decided whether to accept or continue with what I’d had in mind. Plus I accepted on the web then had to cycle the Windows app a few times to get it to sync.

I think it would be great if we could have push notifications on mobile and possible emails whenever we have adaptations pending. If I’d had that, I would have had time today to review the adaptations and decide what to do and it would have all been ready to go. Does anyone else think this would be good?