Queue Up Workouts & Explain Adaptations [Feature Request]

I was sure there was a thread dedicated to Feature Requests, but I couldn’t find it. Obviously there’s heaps of individual request threads.

I know there’s not much chance these changes are picked up from the forum, but I had two that I really wanted to see.

One, the ability to queue up workouts to flow on without ending the ride. This is something Trainer Day does (I haven’t used the app, but have seen the feature and think it would be fantastic to be able to roll the rides into one) and would work well with WLV2.

Secondly, a note on “adaptations” to say why something has been changed. For example my workouts the next three Wednesday’s are being suggested to reduce from 4.45 to 4.30, and 4.30, after successfully cruising through 5hrs last week. Intervals.ICU have a wonderful feature where if you hover over say eFTP it’ll say “calculated from 16min at xxxWatts” or whatever. I figure something similar would be ideal. Hover over the adaptation from 9.7 to 9.2 or whatever and it says “because you nailed this, or to prioritise this”. It tells us on the PL page why something has gone down (or up) I’m thinking similar but to help know it’s adapting as expected and not confused.

Also, I don’t know who is responsible for it, but the end workout noise has been changed to a descending tone, and I absolutely hate it. It sounds like the app/tablet is crashing.

@ZackeryWeimer @Nate_Pearson @Jonathan

  • TR prefers a separate forum topic per feature request vs an “all-in-one” approach.
  • That is by design, since it makes discussion each idea easier without overlap, like their basic preference in the forum overall. It also makes searching and finding existing ones easier, per below:

Thanks Chad, appreciate your effort here!

I don’t think this is really covering what I’m after, or at least the answers from Ivy etc don’t really cover what I’m thinking.

It’s relatively obvious when you do a +0.2 and mark it moderate or hard, that your next workout should be tougher. What I’m asking for is for when the adaptation pops up, for there to be a hover able question mark or something that would then say “increasing to reflect your improved abilities - moderate on Petit” or whatever.

It would make it easier to see what is behind the adaptations that don’t make as much clear sense.