[Feature Request] ERG/Manual Hotkey and Manual Default

Can we have a hotkey to switch between ERG/Manual on the tablet/phone app. Suggest replacing the “Intensity” label with the hotkey.

Going into the settings is a nightmare during the workout.

Also, can we make the Manual % value a default the user sets in the settings - not the 60% FULL STOP that seems to be the current.

Thanks, Brufallo


Hey there!

We are in the process of a top-to-bottom overhaul of the mobile application, and this is one of the features we are working on implementing :slight_smile: .

Our software is designed to retain the last Resistance value you’ve used, so this sounds like you may be experiencing a bug with your particular trainer’s interaction with the app. I just tested this myself with a Wahoo KICKR and was unable to “trick” the app into forgetting my default resistance value. What trainer are you using?

I would recommend reaching out to our Support Team at support@trainerroad.com to help troubleshoot and track down the cause of this issue.


Right after the last update, I was experiencing the same resistance-default-is-back-to-60% problem. As if the update was resetting the value back to default. (Windows 10 Desktop App)

Hi @Bryce

My setup is
Tacx neo 2. With current firmware (although it’s done this on the previous release too)

iPhone X. (I dropped ANT+ due to drop out issues).

I appreciate that I’m a non tech guy, but the security of knowing that it was in a setting I control, versus to being remembered feels better to me as an end user.

Thanks for being active to the user community :ok_hand:t2:


Sorry for the wording there, but what I mean is that if you change the Resistance, it should retain that change. Any time you make a change, whether in the Device settings or mid-workout, the software should update that as your default value. In other words, you are in full control, and we just track any changes you make to ensure that the Resistance is set properly for the next time.

Do you happen to know if the app always reverts to 60%, or is it only following an app update?

I would still recommend reaching out to our Support Team, as they are the resident experts on this sort of thing, but understanding what exactly is going wrong, and when, may be useful for the community here on the forum.


I can’t comment about pre update but I don’t recall the issue.

Certainly at present, it always moves back to default, and not last used setting.


That’s defintiely something our Support Team would like to look into, thanks for reporting this.

If you reach out to the team we can have some of our Development Support Specialists try to reproduce this behavior on one of our machines so that we can track down the cause.

Thanks again!