Feature request: Left/Right power on the screen

Would it be possible to add Left/Right power (and total power) on the screen?

My power is somewhat unbalanced, (47/53) and it would be nice to see when im putting more power down on the right than on the left.


Not your exact request, but related info worth review:

Interesting. So TR only do one side and double up through BT.

Maybe this is another reason to change to a garmin computer for WO.

Maybe, maybe not. While interesting, I don’t think I have seen a real strong case for how to use the L/R balance info (live or after the fact) for more than informational purposes, unless dealing with injury or similar issues related to rehab.

The general imbalance for riders is not static, tends to change at various power levels, and also along fatigue levels. There is little I can see to do with the info vs not knowing it in the first place.

What would be your plan to use the info?

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Fair enough.

But I think if I had the info, I could see when I push harder with the right than with the left so I could probably try to hit the left leg harder … If that make sense…

Not the OP but I like to use the L/R balance data to validate my power measurements. I’ve had instances in the past where one of my pedals has either had a bad calibration or drifted over time - seeing that my balance has stayed constant during a ride gives me confidence in the overall power reported.


That parallels a request above, for TR to at least record the L/R data into the workout file, so it can be analyzed in other apps later.


So, given the examples, Chad, what would make a strong case? Is dealing with injury, rehab and rectifying imbalances not a good reason?

As I explained I use it after the fact for a longer term view of my hip flexor imbalance as influenced by my TT position. Is that not a useful analysis. I do not understand why you are so dismissive of this as merely “interesting” and “informational”. It is useful for injury, rehab and identifying weaknesses.

What you can do is what I did. See a good physio, get a proer diagnosis, get some remedial exercises to do off the bike, and monitor the effect when on the bike. … and monitor it over longer term to see if the problem is returning.

Is that not more than “informative and informational” but actually actionable and useful?

Now if you really mean, “Actually you get this in Garmin Connect and I see no point in duplicating it in TR”, that would be different.

I realise this is probably not going to happen. It seems it is probably a low priority relative to other features that are more useful to a wider audience.

  • Yes, possibly. That happens to be the exact reason I included it in the very part you quoted. Not sure what else to add?
  • You seem to be taking this a bit personal. I am offering a personal opinion on the info being requested… nothing more, nothing less. My value on the info is mine alone, and not one I place on others.
  • I just don’t see much need for “regular” use. I say this as someone with access to dual sided power, but no particular need to “fix” anything based on what I see (live and after the fact).
  • This is the basic discussion encouraged by TR with feature requests.

Overall, I’m not the one that needs convincing in the first place. TR is the group in control here, and they are the ones that can choose what to implement or ignore.

  • Totally agree. Based on the prior history (they implemented CD for a short period, then removed it, and made more recent comments that they have no plans to add it in the near future) I get the impression they have other areas they see as more beneficial of their time.

I am not taking it personally at all, Chad, I promise. I was simply saying, that describing the data as “informational” or “interesting” (both sound as if they should have “merely” in front of them) is a lower level of description to “Actionable insights” which is what I found it to be.

The need for “Regular use” will depend on the individual need. I continue to monitor mine, because I know it can be an issue. I actually check it at the end of every ride and race (TT)… and usually drill into the figures within a TR session at different power levels (to avoid averages masking an issue).

I do think getting it off Garmin Connect, or off my wahoo at the end of a ride is enough for me.

  • Again, not sure what to say other than I’d ask that you take my written words at face value. Adding inference may be unavoidable in any case, but your stated interpretation is not what I meant at all.
  • I fail at times, but try to choose my wording wisely to avoid the exact confusion we see now.

I am a pragmatic person in general, and put care into my posts within this forum for a variety of reasons. No disrespect or dismissive intent on my part as basic approach. I try to be as diplomatic and open minded as I can. Just sharing opinions and thoughts to broaden the discussion when I can.

Sure, it makes sense…if there was some evidence that a “balanced” pedal stroke was beneficial. As chad noted, I don’t think there is any evidence indicating that.

My personal anecdote…I always had a perceived left side strength imbalance due to a Lateral Release procedure done in '95. This imbalance was “confirmed” to me over the years when I would try and use PowerCranks to strengthen my left side. It was bad…my left side would fail after 15-20 secs using those cranks (the crank arms move independently of each other).

When I got a Quarq PM, it showed my Left side was actually stronger than my right (but clearly lacked endurance). Based on some research, it seemed that the Quarq was not a true L/R reading (ala pedlas or a Stages L/R crank) and the reading on one side could be “enhanced” by pulling up on the other side. So I assumed that was what was happening since I “knew” my left side was weaker.

Fast-forward to when I got a Stages L/R crank…lo and behold, my L/R balance was, in fact, in favor of my Left side. And all that time I spent trying to correct the imbalance never really changed anything…I still tend to be 51/49 with occasional drifts as high as 53/47.

I no longer worry about L/R balance…yes, if you have an injury to rehab, it can provide some insight into your rehab process, but that doesn’t mean you have to achieve a 50/50 balance, or even strive to achieve one.

TL:DR - don;t worry about L/R balance. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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No, not double up if you dual-side PM sends total power. Confirmed with Stages LR crank power meter:

  • link left and right power meters in Stages app
  • connect TR to left-side
  • TR receives total power

That is supposedly true with Garmin Vector pedals and Favero Assioma pedals.

Favero added the option to unify the broadcasting of data to come from one pedal for this very reason. Not many head units or training programs like having the two pedals broadcasting separate BLE data.

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I’ve had issues where one side of a left/right PM randomly drops out and the only way to easily verify it is by tracking the L/R balance. Would be nice if TR would record the data, even if they didn’t display it.

I will confirm this. The default for the Assioma is to transmit both on the L pedal for BT. They link together themselves and then re-broadcast both on the L pedal (for BT, ANT+ is different).

Edit: kevstraining already confirmed this as well.

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@mcneese.chad You have my respect Chad. I have no idea how you manage to contribute so much to TR forums etc. My mis-interpretation, Sorry. :slight_smile:

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Probably poor time management and misplaced priorities :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just trying to be helpful when and where I can, to get people the info they need to learn and grow.

Cheers and thanks for the kind words. :smiley: