Question / Feature Request: TrainerRoad Ant+ Support for Full Power Meter Profile?

This is sort of halfway between a question and a feature request, depending upon the answer to the following: Does TrainerRoad support the full Ant+ Power Meter Profile?

I think the answer is no, because when I look at TrainerRoad ride data in GoldenCheetah, I don’t see left / right power.

If I am correct, then here is my feature request: Please support the full power meter profile with all data fields (e.g., left / right power, cycling dynamics, etc.). Even though TR doesn’t today use most of this additional information, it would be good to start capturing it for the future, plus for passing along to other analysis software that can use this information.

More generally, it would be great if TR enhanced the sensor profile support it provides today to capture all optional data + added additional sensor profiles (e.g., muscle oxygen). Again, even if TR today doesn’t use this additional information, it would be great to capture it for the future (if you don’t capture it today, you can never use it tomorrow) + make TR a better “partner” for data analysis.