Cycling Dynamics Vector 3 in workouts?

as i am new here, i read, think last year something on DC Rainmakers blog, that Trainerroad supports cycling dynamics of Vector 3 but i couldnt find it here.

My problem, i couldn’t do a Test ride, because i have a injury atm, is cycling dynamic viewable on really every workout on Windows PC or Android devices?

This is the best reference I can find.

At one point TR implemented CD, but shortly after that they seemed to ditch it. Might be in a limbo state right now, but could be supported by the linked comment.

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Cycling Dynamics is only supported on iOS via ANT+, and we do not plan to expand support at this time.

For those that want to see live Garmin Cycling Dynamics, but don’t have the setup to run it on TrainerRoad, your best bet will be to display CD on a compatible Garmin Edge head unit while running TrainerRoad on your mobile or desktop device.

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ohh, that is not really the awaited answer, because i haven’t iOS devices and during indoor rides i can’t read this from my Edge, because i couldn’t wear my eyeglasses because of the heat during riding and without my eyeglasses i have a problem :-\

Is there no way to support it in the future, think more or less it is only a datafield to display?

EDITH: think Rouvy display it simply too, isn’t it more or less a open standard by Garmin?

It is possible for us to support it, however, we have chosen not to spend the Development effort towards building and maintaining Cycling Dynamics support at this time. We find that while it is cool, it doesn’t neccessarily make you faster, and we could spend our efforts towards other features that will have a greater impact on your fitness.

I’m really sorry that this wasn’t the answer you were looking for :pensive:.

that means i didn’t find the metrics in the recorded workout file of TR, when it is pushed to Training Peaks or Garmin, WKO and similar, so i have to record twice with Edge and have to use this file instead?

Do i see left/right Power in the file or only a single power field?

Only pure power (single value) is recorded in the TR files, AFAIK.

You need to use a separate device to capture CD & L/R data for review after the workout.

I have my Garmin Edge 820 running at the same time I do my TR workouts (Windows), starting my Edge when the TR workout countdown gets to 1 and stopping it when the workout ends. TR syncs to Strava but not to Garmin Connect, so I can see Cycling Dynamics in Garmin Connect.

Strava also syncs from Garmin Connect, so I occasionally (but rarely) see duplicate rides in Strava. When this happens, I just delete one of the rides in Strava.

yes, seems so, have done exactly the same with Zwift workouts :wink:

but i don’t understand why third party software can’t give the same information, it is more or less a Head Unit and could work without Edge
Anyway, i you want Training Load, aerob, anerobic, vo2max, recovery time measurements and so on, you have to record twice.

Don’t understand, why Garmin could not calculate it on the imported file of a third party software, is the Firstbeat Licence really only for the Garmin Device himself, would be better, the Firstbeat Thing is part of Garmin Connect, or?

This is the most annoying part for me - not having the L/R Balance in the recorded files. I know I could capture the TR session on my head unit, delete the TR recorded workout and then add the head unit file to TrainerRoad. I really cannot be bothered doing that 5 times a week though!

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Out of curiosity, what would you do with the data?

Maybe having the head unit on and showing live and/or total workout balance would be enough, without the need to save and review the file separately?

you are 50% right (sure, CD suitable live is the best and you can change the pedaling), but when i pay so much money for equipment (Hardware/Software) then i can await this things, it is not only a TR thing, Zwift, Tacx don’t do it too, only Rouvy support it totally.

Why Rouvy can do this and all others not?

i am a IT-nerd and i check all my data, why i have the option to sync TR to TP/WKO or Zwift to TP/WKO, when the data don’t include all information, in TP i have the option to analyse it

Same, the mysterium with the Firstbeat Metric, nobody can supoort it in a third party software, but why?

Garmin don’t want it?

but why i have to record every ride twice, the third party software is more or less a Head Unit like Garmin Edge, Fenix, Forerunner or similar?

as @Pamplemoose wrote, sometimes it is annoying to check every training what files i can keep or not, mean it is a generally thing, not only a TR thing.

Sorry, it could happen that my bad english isn’t always understandable :wink:

thats my thing, i couldn’t see it live on my Edge during indoor workouts, because i wear eyeglasses normaly so i am able to read the display on my Edge, but Indoor it’s to hot, so i can’t use my eyeglasses and so i couldn’t read the CD datafield of my Edge.

on TV screen with third party software i don’t need my eyeglasses to see the values, but they aren’t supported :crazy_face:

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My bad, I remember reading that earlier (forgot with the days between then and now).

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I’m interested in tracking how my L/R balance changes over time at various effort levels. Not sure if I could ever make any performance increasing changes to anything based on that data, but I’m a data scientist and am curious about these things.

Like, I’m not gonna cancel a TR sub over this one missing feature or anything as I realise it’s a ‘nice to have’, for me anyway!


How did you test your hypothesis of CD data not making anyone faster?


I think it’s because as of yet there is nothing really actionable from the data so therefore not really testable. It might be useful for those recovering from injury but those cases are so individual it would be wrong of TR to get involved anyway and as I say might be. Mostly anecdotal and without control group hard to tell if would have self corrected anyway.

The first point is the most important though I think, without being actionable the data is little more than a distraction and could lead to spending time fixing something that simply doesn’t need fixing. Now what I would like is a wind tunnel at home. When is Garmin releasing this and can TR make it a feature please. :wink:

In my experience, this Cycling dynamics data is useful and actionable, in the medum term (across a season or training block): when I was on my TT bike I found my right leg power was lower 55/45% (which is a wooping 18% difference if you think about the maths). It was almost bang on 50/50 on my road bike.

So I went to a really good physio and he diagnosed a weak right hip flexor. With work and exercises over time I have been able to get that almost back to 50/50.

So the Ctcling dynamics data is actionable. It was very useful to me as a post ride analysis though and for correction over time.

(The maths, in case anyone is puzzled. As a simple subtraction this looks like a 10% difference, but the percentage difference between 45 and 55 is (55-45)/55 which is 10/55 (which is around 18%.) or In other words if I am producing 100W, 55W are coming from the right leg and 45W from the left, a substantial loss of power in my right leg as it is producing 10 watts less that the left one. Fixing it, should enable me to produce 110 watts - 2x55 from both legs).

Having said this, I can get that from Garmin Connect. I don’t need it in TR. However I wish that my Wahoo elemnt which accurately displays it at the end of a ride, would correctly take the data across if I use that file as the source. For some reason Wahoo discard it having collected it, so if I try yo import the wahoo sourced .fit file there is no LR balance data. Baffles me that one.