Feature request: Integrate Vector 3 pedal info (L/R etc.) into the Trainer Road recording please

I might be asking a lot here, but here is my situation.

I have a bit of a weakness with my right hip flexor I am trying to correct. It shows up especially when I drop down into a TT position. So I tend to run both the Kickr trainer AND my Vector 3 pedals when doing a TR Turbo session. (Not only for power match as my Kickr is off slightly) but so I have a view of my pedalling dynamics and L/R balance

I record the V3s on my garmin watch. Trainer Road uploads to garmin connect as well, directly. So I end up with two files.

  1. the one from TR with intervals, the desired power lines and what i was actually hitting (from the V3 recording).
  2. A second one, straight from the garmin device, with the pedal dynamics and L/R data., but no TR intervals or line I am trying to match. However I only get it for a particular interval if I press the lap button, and that is a faff, especially on something like Gendarme.

Given i will often try to go intervals in a low position, on the drops or on the TT bars, at the moment I have to make a note of when I press the garmin to see how that corresponds to the sesions in the TR segment. I then have to copy from one to the other a note of left right effectiveness. (or hold a duplicate file in Garmin connect which makes it look as if I have done teh session twice).

So i would really love to be able to see teh garmin pedal dynamics in TR.

(However I suspect there is a copyright thing running here which would be a shame).



Just the left/right power would be useful (like you I have an issue on my right side, but I have P1 pedals).
I think this has been asked before, and Nate has essentially said that as there would be no benefit in terms of TR planning/analysis for the majority of people with dual sided power (and that’s definitely not the majority of TR users), it’s very low on the priority list.

As the issue for me is at particular powers and positions, having L/R power balance per interval would be sufficient for me.