Feature request...inhibit 'end workout?' during LSCT workout

Part of this workout is sitting on the bike not moving, pedalling, or changing position. The software always prompts me to end the workout or continue. That screws up the heart rate recovery profile.

Is it possible to inhibit that prompt during the rest period of the LSCT workout?

I know, I know…who really uses that workout? Good point. Some of us do, though. But maybe it’s a little bit like Lyle Menendez pleading for leniency because he is an orphan…more people might use the workout if it worked properly.


What happens if you disable the default auto-pause feature in TR app?

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Ok, I’ll play your little game…what happens if I do that? :smiley: Hmmm…

I haven’t tried it with the LCST workout, but on other workouts, disabling auto-pause would keep recording even when I got off the bike to fetch water bottles or stretch. No prompts to end the workout.

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backpedal at about 1 rpm. That’s how I LSCT.

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Why wouldn’t you just turn off auto-pause? Why stop recording heart rate, and distort the workout by making it look (in TR) that you didn’t stop? Because you want to “do all the work” during the interval you interrupted? Auto-pause as a default in a power based training tool - makes no sense.


Given this is a critical component to the test, pausing upon stopping pedalling should be disabled regardless of the end users software set-up. Similar to how the 20min FTP test automatically switches to resisitance mode.

My understanding is different. The critical component, in the TrainerRoad implementation of this test, is consistency.

In other words, if every time you do the LSCT you’re doing a 1-rpm backpedal in the valley (to prevent autopause), then the HRR numbers will still be consistent. Looking for variations in your HR drop is what’s important — not the actual number.

(Just my €0.02 worth of perspective)

Well, this is my request, at least! I gues @bbarrera has already confirmed that it’s possible. Just enable it during the appropriate point in the workout please, please, oh please, TR.