Feature Request / Help Needed: One-Way Sync of completed TR workouts to TrainingPeaks


For the TR <-> TrainingPeaks sync, can you change it so that users have the option to independently determine if they want to sync completed workouts and/or scheduled workouts.

Use case: my coach enters workouts into TrainingPeaks, and then:

  • If it is a TR workout, I select the appropriate TR workout in TR and add that to my TR calendar
  • If it isn’t a TR workout, I build it using the TR workout creator

So I don’t want TrainingPeaks workouts sync’d into TR, but I do want to sync completed TR workouts back to TrainingPeaks

yuuuuuuuuuup, I’ve posted this as well. It is so frustrating

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I think Im understanding that this is a request for TrainingPeaks to import TrainerRoad workouts as a one-way sync. (And a request to maybe import TP workouts into TR individually if selected).

I’ll pass this along to the team but for full transparency, Im not sure this will get on the roadmap anytime soon while the development team is focused on refining Adaptive Training, adding more athletes to closed beta, and getting as many features released as possible that will be the most impactful in helping the greatest number of athletes faster as possible! Hope that helps speak to our vetting process for feature requests effectively, we definitely understand your frustration and will continue to prioritize requests that will improve TrainerRoad as quickly as we can!

Thanks for responding. Yes, this is a request to allow people to independently select to sync:

  • completed workouts TR <-> TrainingPeaks (bi-directionally)
  • planned workouts from TrainingPeaks → TR (one way)

Instead of the above being either both or neither.

I get this is probably down the list, but as more and more training services pop-up, refining the sync to allow only certain information to sync per service would be really useful / necessary

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