🎉 🎉 🎉 Group Workouts are here! 🎉 🎉 🎉

Someone is working on it right now.


Yes, it works, we tried yesterday

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i think you have to buy a usb-c to hdmi adapter for the GP and then connect via HDMI to the computer…

Or you can try to use cellphone camera… maybe there is an app that shares the camera via data cable

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Quite the achievement. You guys are not too far from replicating the Stages Flight experience at home… Just got to make it easier to port this to our big 4k screens. When you are sharing your experience with others you can always find more watts and hold on 10 more seconds. Plus the social banter during recovery phases.

Please reconsider a slimmed down apple TV viewing experience (mobile camera/mic)! I’d love to introduce this to my weekly group ride.

That said, IF I owned a laptop, I’d finally have a use case for my lonely HDMI wall adapter I proudly installed in the man cave 13 years ago.

this :point_up_2:
you don’t want to be the only one bailing out. you will find the strength you never knew you had lol

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Had a fun ride last night for an easy Carter. Had 2 comments that came up:

  1. It might be handy to have an integrated text based chat window. We sometimes see setup issues with audio and video. When that happens, it forces the use of an external app and/or device to communicate. Having native text option could help. Not sure it is worth the effort for an edge case like this, but something to consider.

  2. One rider had two cameras available on his setup (native laptop camera, and external camera through USB). He had hoped to be able to freely swap his camera through the workout. For one reason or another (maybe TR usage issue?) he was limited in the option to swap between them more than once. He had to close TR and relaunch the app to reactivate the video. It would be nice to make sure that camera swaps can happen freely and multiple times in the GW window. Yes, another edge case, but one that would be fun for some users.


Would be cool if these guys were doing it as a TR group workout and figuring a way to livestream for the rest of us:)

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Just wondering, as my iPad is an old model and surely some other users are using old hardware, is this video feature hard on the graphics etc?
Zwift for example was often a struggle for my setup to keep up, so Trainerroad works much better for me. I love the idea but don’t want the experience to suffer as the software improves (I know the mobile version isn’t out yet, but Mac/pc users may have some insight)

Works fine with my old lenovo laptop. My imac is too old to get the newest version of TR.


In case you missed it or aren’t on Instagram


Yeah, I think that’s the same picture they used in that old computer prank where you stare at the monitor and the scary picture and scream pops up lol

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Not 100% sure but I think in the case of Zwift that it should be much harder on graphics because it has to render them on the fly. There could be limitations on how many user streams you can handle simultaneously but I wouldn’t think it would be as graphics rendering intensive as on Zwift.
Could be wrong though. Hopefully others chime in.


Just completed my first GW and that was a blast! Intervals are always easier to get through when you have a great group of people to suffer along with. Used my MacBook Air (circa 2012) running the TR Beta for everything and worked flawlessly. Audio and video were fantastic with minimal lag.

Props to the TR team for rolling this feature out on a rush! :grin:


Please do NOT add a streaming button. I don’t want to be put out there by a friend od a friend.
If you add a streaming button, make sure there is a big notice for everyone that this is being streamed ahead of time (for example 10 seconds) or put a consent button in there, and streaming is only possible if everyone ok with streaming.

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If we do anything like that it would be opt in only.

I’d like to do a selfie feature. Maybe the host clicks selfie, then people have 15 seconds to click a button to be included in the selfie. If they don’t click, they aren’t in it.


First of all congratulations on this new feature. I am looking forward to giving it a try someday after we’re allowed to go out again to get a haircut.

I have su-question (yes, non english speakers are allowed to make words up): Have you played with different layouts to make the workout even more about the group-feel? It’s hard for me to put in words, so I drew a ridiculous concept, which you are welcome to laugh at. In my opinion this layout could further increase the feel of “doing it together” and could be even more engaging in hard workouts to push each others because you could see who’s faltering and you could cheer them on:

Hope you didn’t spill out your coffee because of the laughter and thanks for making a great product and constantly releasing great features! Keep it up TR.

(Yes I know, the progression bar doesn’t correlate with the Intervalchart in the middle, my bad. But you get the concept ;-))


Now that is a beautiful idea! I hope @Nate_Pearson considers it (and a commission check)

Can anyone give me a recommendation for cheapest computer that will support the most updated desktop app?

Definitely on board with this idea! Great thought (and sketch :grinning:) @qwertzuiop !

Another bonus of this is that you have a closer look at the interval you are in. One thing I noticed when I did a GW last night (Monitor +1) is that it was really difficult to see the layout of a couple rolling sweet spot intervals. While not that big of a deal, it is kind of nice to be able to see the detail of an interval ahead of time, and that doesn’t really happen with subtle rollers unless you have a giant screen in the GW format.