Feature request - workout description on calendar


Having just signed up to trainer road, I’ve selected a plan and looking forward to getting started next week. When I view the calendar I can see the workout that is selected for that day, it would be great if when you clicked on it it gave you the synopsis the same as it does when you search for that workout in the workout list.

I’m sure over time you get to know them pretty well but it would be nice if the info was on the calendar view.

Many thanks


Glad you’re looking forward to starting! It definitely gets addictive once you get stuck in.

If you are viewing the calendar on a web browser you can click a workout in the calendar which will bring up the schedule details for the day, then you can click the workout you want more details for it and will open the workout page in a new tab.

I like the calendar page to show the bare details, just so I know what I have planned coming up, so I like it how it is currently.

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I’d love the workout description to come up in a mouseover, its a pain if when trying to pick a +1, +2 etc and have to load each in a browser to compare them.

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Ah thanks, didn’t realise you could jump to it but as the poster below mentions, a mouse over when viewing on a laptop would be great.

For viewing the variations,

  1. Load any desired workout in the web.
  2. See its info right under the graphic.
  3. Scroll down and you will see any and all variations of the workout, with the stated info and differences right there.

No need to load each one separately (just a bit of scrolling on a single page).

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