Power Match with Neo and Garmin Vector 3's

Hi all, I’m about to try out trying to match up my power output from my Neo to be the same as my Vector 3’s and wondered if anyone had any experience of doing the same.
I use the ‘Auto’ function currently with my Vector 3’s as being the source but the resistance can fluctuate somewhat at times and is a bit of a pain. I was hoping to dial it in a bit better to improve things.

If you’ve got the same setup and have a figure already in feel free to share and save me some legwork trial and erroring to get it a bit more reactive and make the figures tally more often…

With my Vector 2 pedals and a kickr I didn’t get on with powermatch and gave up in the end. I now don’t even use the vector pedals inside and leave them on my outside bike. I’m sure most of it was mental or in the presentation of data with smoothing etc but I found where workouts had short sharp efforts above ftp it would feel like the lag introduced with powermatch meant my power output never actually hit target before the interval dropped off. Like I said it could just be down to the presentation of data but I messed with my head.

I’ve tried not using my Vector 3’s for power but with some discrepancy in power output I wanted indoor and outdoor rides to have comparable power data hence using them indoors despite the Neo’s decent, accurate power output. Might just have to give it a bit of a tweak and see how it goes…

I’ll just leave these here:

First link not related, second one I’d seen but didn’t really help with what I’m after. Decided to just notch it up a few watts each time I ride to try and decrease the offset that I encounter. Bit of trial and error and it’ll match a bit closer, appreciate it’ll likely not get spot on without only having one power source but if I can get closer all the better.

I’m just about to put my Vector 3 on and power match to the Neo. Any tips would be welcome - did you find a reasonable solution?

Sorry for the delayed reply, I never really got much further with this. Accuracy of both is decent, if you want to stay more on track without the fluctuations over your workout level then just use the NEO for power as they both give so similar results but it feels more smooth just using the trainers power.