Power match question (finding delta between trainer and PM)

I use Tacx neo gen 1 and favero assioma pedals, but since I have a TT bike sometimes I use Look pedals and leave a designated trainer road bike set up indoors. So I’m using powermatch sometimes but not all the time

Is there a way for TR to show behind the scenes what the delta is between the trainer readings and power meter readings? On average? I’d like to do a % adjustment to the favero pedals in the assioma app if it’s needed, and I don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up two separate power recordings from the same ride if it’s already shown somewhere else like in a ride file somewhere :grin:

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Submit a ticket to their support desk - they can send you the data in a csv or excel file for both your trainer and your power meter

You’ll have to calculate the difference yourself - so its good to have longer interval durations across a variety of power ranges to see how the curves compare

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Thanks! Didn’t even think of that.

TR will only have one power source connected per ride though, won’t they?

DC rainmaker analyser will do it, but you’ll need a file from TR linked to one source, and a separate file, from a head unit for example, linked to the other source. You can then overlay one on top of the other and see the difference. This will enable you to adjust the scaling factor in your pedals to align the two traces.

No. If you’re using power match they have the data from both the trainer and the power meter. You have to ask them for it and they have to extract it. It isn’t available through the app

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