Feature Request- Save commanded power

After reading the long thread on Power Match and also having an issue myself, I think it would be great if TR recorded and displayed the commanded power to the trainer in the workout summary. I know it is already recorded since Support can look it up. It would be really nice to be able to look at the power measured by the power meter and also look at the power command sent to the trainer. That way you can debug Power Match problems and also get an idea how close your trainer and PM were to each other. Even better would be to record and display the PM measured power, the trainer measured power, and the trainer commanded power.

Hey there!

Thanks for taking the time to share your suggestion with us!

With these kind of highly technical debugging issues, we would recommend working with one of our Support Agents to help you troubleshoot your PowerMatch. We have a whole team of highly trained agents that are very experienced with these kinds of issues, and they are happy to share troubleshooting and debugging advice and data with you :slight_smile: .

By following this protocol, we prevent our users from getting overwhelmed with confusing data that they may or may not need. Those who need the data and troubleshooting assistance can ask for it, and those who don’t can continue on with their training as usual :+1: .

I hope this makes sense, thanks again for sharing your valuable feedback!

I certainly appreciate the TR technical support folks. However, I would still like to be able to see this data. I am a bit of a special case- I have two completely separate training setups is two different states and I travel weekly back and forth. I move my Assioma pedals back and forth as the standard for power. I have Tacx Neos in both places which can’t be calibrated and could (worst case) differ from each other by 4%. Although they are typically with a couple of percent of each other. So, I use Powermatch and the Assiomas to keep everything matched. The other day I swapped setups and my perceived effort was much higher than normal and I couldn’t finish a workout that I usually can do. Initially, I thought I was just tired but as I thought more I couldn’t remember if I had calibrated the Assiomas or not. SO, I wrote support and they reported that I had a roughly 10-15W difference between the Assiomas and the Neo. Which is much bigger than normal. It would have been a lot easier to debug on my own (and saved support some time) if I could have looked at the Neo command and reported power and the Assioma power. I could have seen that the Neo command and measured power were very close and but were off from the Assiomas. I could then recalibrate and check that everything is better without bugging support. To do the same thing now I need to run the Neo by itself in TR where I can see the command and actual Neo powers. Then use my Edge 1030 to monitor the Assiomas. Then manually compare the data to see what is going on. This could all easily done automatically in TR which would be much easier.

I think this would be a great aditional feature. Perhaps a way of giving us ‘techie’ types the visibility would be that we could unlock this data field, that way it wouldn’t confuse other users.

I suspect that would require a whiole new buid of the UI though, which would understandably be very low on TR’s priority list.

You nailed it Woody. While this would be a really cool feature, and quite ueful for some, it would be a massive undertaking for a feature that would only help a small sample of our users.

Our Development energy is more likely to be applied to improvements in PowerMatch itself to prevent this type of technical troubleshooting from being neccessary in the first place. We have some ideas on this that we would like to implement, but for now we are focusing our Development energy on bringing the full Calendar experience into the apps :+1:

Thanks again for sharing your suggestions!