Power Match data question

Hi all,

Was curious if the power data from the power meter and trainer are saved? I’m still scratching my head at the differences I see when I look at the power meter data (P1 pedals) from a head unit and the data from what I’m figuring is the trainer, especially when power match is used. Didn’t think the H3 had its own smoothing, but perhaps that’s happening but again, with power match, I’d think the numbers shouldn’t be too far off.

But when I downloaded a FIT file from a workout that had power match enabled, I see only one field for power, so that made me wonder if it is captured within the software, but not saved off as it’s not considered needed?


The team (support@trainerroad.com) can look at your internal ride log and get some more insight! Let them know the rides/workouts you’re referring to and they can help out.

It would be great to add possibility to save power from both sensors (trainer and cranks/pedals) in the fit file for the further analysis. Maybe as extra option.

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Here is the feature request for that one, you can add you vote for it there.