Feature Request: Don't break my task bar "pin"

I love updates… but every time we get one, I lose my TR “pin” on the taskbar. Is there a way to make it so that this is not lost? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Update, with user story :slight_smile:
“As a TR subscriber who uses TR as their primary (only) training app, I would like to pin TrainerRoad on my Windows taskbar, and expect it to remain an active working link when the application is upgraded, so that I may have easy access to my commonly used training application.”


+1 here. It is rather annoying to lose the button with each update.

Other apps cough… zwift… cough perform Win10 updates without breaking my TB pinned app/icon.


+1 It never used to do this, then something changed a little while back. Annoying for sure, especially the first couple times before realizing what was happening. I’m still running Windows 7 as well.

Is it connected to the fact that TR installs 2 applications ? I just tried to uninstall the older version but it actually uninstalled both.

I just reported this to our App Product Manager Pete and he has made an issue for it :+1:.


The dumb thing is that the link in the Start menu frequent apps remains ok. Hence I always use that one.

That’s one of the things that used to make me rage against Evernote. Same behavior. I assume it’s because the exe or script changes name at each update.

yes, this is mildly annoying. It’s been happening as long as I’ve been with the platform, which is over 18 months.

i thought it was just me…