Stop the windows program to update

is there a way to stop the app to update itself getting crashes afte the three latest updates looks like its time to maybe go to something else

I’m using the Windows client and haven’t noticed any issues after the recent updates. It’s probably worth emailing They’ll be able to dig into your specific configuration and log files to try work out what’s happening.

Hey @kidde64! Welcome to the TrainerRoad forum!

It looks like your device doesn’t meet our minimum system requirements.

However, not to worry, the team were able to come up with a workaround for our athletes who are on unsupported devices. You can read more on this thread here.

Here is the solution that I posted there:

The development team has come up with a solution for your unsupported Windows 7 devices :tada: .

If you can, you should update your OS, but if you can’t, this will allow you to continue using TrainerRoad on those unsupported Windows 7 devices.

If you are a current TrainerRoad athlete using a Windows 7 device, you should receive an email with a version of TrainerRoad that is “version locked” on the version that worked for you prior to the recent update. I will also share it here:

Note: Once the download is complete, locate the new file in your Downloads folder, and double-click the file. Re-launch the TrainerRoad app to use this version.If the “broken” version of TR is currently open when you launch the installer, you’ll be notified to close it. Click “OK” to proceed, then re-launch the TR app.As some background for what occurred, we stopped official support for Windows 7 on the new version of our desktop app (released in 2019). We found some Windows 7 athletes were able to continue using the new version despite us no longer officially supporting it. The latest version included updates that are needed for newer operating systems and device support.If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to shoot them this way!

Let me know how this goes, @kidde64!