[Feature Request] Delete Summary intervals for completed indoor workouts

Looking at a workout today, I tried to delete some of the automatically created intervals, and found that I could not do that. I seem to remember being able to do that before. Intervals I create I can delete, but I am stuck with the autogenerated ones. For rides like Tallac with varying levels this is annoying if I want to highlight other intervals in the workout. I can add my own by they get lost in the dozens of uninteresting intervals.
Am I imagining being able to delete intervals before???


Im here to help but want to be sure Im clear on what you’re both experiencing and what your end goal is.

Is this in reference to how one interval ‘block’ can have many singular intervals in the summary? (pictured below)

My plan was to delete these intervals - ie “sweet spot 10”, and leave only the manually created intervals remaining. I recall being able to do this in the past - I would click the little down arrow on the interval in the list to expand it, then there would be the option to delete it - a trash can icon. I still see this on intervals that I created.
I’m not sure if I’m mis-remembering that I was ever able to do this. Maybe I just did this on outside rides where the intervals were from laps.

Yes! That’s something you can do for laps on outside workouts and rides.

I want to better understand your request though so I can communicate any potential issues or feedback to the team, is this purely for post-ride analysis purposes to not have to sift through the numerous intervals? Thanks in advance for letting me know!

Yup, that is it. Sometimes I don’t really follow the workout :slight_smile:
Related to this, I would like to be able to rename TR workouts too…
I only brought this up because I thought a feature had been removed (pitchfork time!), but I realize that both these are minor edge case requests.

No problem! Thanks for clarifying.

I’ll update this as a feature request to delete summary intervals on completed indoor workouts in the way you can for outside rides. Cheers!

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I will offer a counter-proposal for solution. What I and many others would prefer is that this type of “variable” interval would actually include a “complete” interval that covers all the steps.

Maybe it’s appropriate to include the separate and combined intervals, but it would sure simplify the interval summary list if we just had the actual block (all steps) as the interval for review in the summary.



I think this would be nice too. I’d also like this in the interval countdown timer.

Alternatively, just listing all user-created intervals first for TR workouts would address my issue as well (I really don’t want to have to delete 30 intervals just to easily find mine anyway.)

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