Feature request: Delete multiple laps at once (outdoor, Strava geo-fencing)

I find it tedious to organize the interval table on the web version of the OUTSIDE workout results page.

The first issue I have is that some workouts produce 10s to 100s of laps when all I want to see is a complete set (e.g., today I had a 4x12 SS workout with 3 15 second sprints in each - it produced 7 laps per set when all I would want to see is the 4 sets).

The second issue is since I have Strava’s geo-fencing in place for rides from home, none of the laps are accurate, since they are offset by the time I rode within the geo-fence.

It would be great to select multiple laps and delete them at once. Right now it is a 3 step process to delete just 1 - Expand the lap → move cursor to click trash can → move cursor again to click confirm on pop-up window. I had to repeat this ~40 times today for Chicoma.


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Wahoo bike computer?

Yes, Bolt.