Outside Workout Discrepancies

Started this thread to report little issues with outside workouts. Intervals the incorrect length, or intervals missing etc.

Rather than raising several tickets I thought that if they were all reported in the same place it might be easier. I won’t be offended if support disagree and delete it.

My first issue to report.

Did redlake +8 today. The laps are in the wrong order, or at least could be in a better order.

At the moment, you do the main interval, then have the open ended lap (to get you to a suitable start point for the next interval), and then the 5 min recovery, before the next interval. Which means you basically have to predict when you’re 5 mins away from a suitable starting point. It would be better to do the main interval, then the 5 min recovery, then the open ended interval before the next hard interval.

Reaching out to support is definitely best protocol for this to ensure everything gets addressed!

Please report issues to support@trainerroad.com. Thanks in advance!