Feature Request - Continuous FTP Update during Testing

It would be awesome to have a continuously calculated FTP score while completing the FTP Ramp Test. I feel this would give extra motivation to hold on for those extra few seconds if you are chasing a target FTP.


Could be a good motivator - it is very hard to hang on in tough intervals, and this could be the right sort of motivator if easy to apply.


We kind of indirectly have that with time, no?

If you last longer than you did last time you tested then your FTP score will increase.

Actually, you can last the same amount of time as last time and improve your FTP. You need to last to about 19:30 to “get” your FTP, so anything over is above, but like @coolhans said, it would be more motivating to see “New FTP: XXX W” where “XXX” increases as you ride longer.


I like this idea. Right now I just have a target FTP and know the minute I will conk out on to reach it.


This would be a very motivational feature!

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Awesome idea. Imagine if it had some sort of video game like animation that would jump across the screen as you hit higher milestones. Or a thermometer type guage that climbs the further you go.


Yep, this would be great. For the Zwift Academy rides this year, some of the workouts would have the last interval be ‘free’ - for example, the first three intervals might be ‘10mn at 110% of FTP, then 115%, then 120%’ and the fourth one would be ‘go as hard as you can for the last 10-minute interval!’.

But they’d display your current average for the interval. Damn well better believe it was more motivating to see the number right in front of you, mocking you almost.

Slightly harder with the RAMP test since it’s based on the -last- full minute you did (plus a bit extra for the portion of the last bit when you didn’t last the full minute) so might be tricky to get that calculation on the fly. But would be motivating.

If you have a power meter and a head unit/garmin watch, I think you could probably get a pretty good estimate by hitting the ‘Lap’ button at the eight minute mark and taking the average power of that ‘lap’ (interval)?

You can kinda do the same thing just knowing that the test ends up at - very roughly - 75% or so of our last full one-minute power. Doing calculations on the fly when your tongue is in your spokes isn’t easy by any means, but it gives you something else to think about for a few seconds instead of your legs being on fire.

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Would it not be a bit confusing to see a ‘real time FTP’ at the same time as trying to hold the target watts?

Seems a bit unnecessary to me


Personaly, I like the surprise after finishing and seeing my new FTP pop up.

I know roughtly beforehand what wattage i need to surpass to get a better FTP score, and i believe on one of the podcasts they mentioned that subconciously if you pass your old FTP you may back off slightly?


I’d hate this. One of the unintended side effects of FTP training with TR is people getting obsessed with this single number. Well, here’s the thing. It’s a range. There’s nothing magical about that single watt that completely changes your physiology. I understand wanting to obtain a higher number than before, but no-one should be motivated to get a higher FTP estimate for the sake of having a bigger number.


I agree. I find actually not seeing the numbers on the 20 min test or the time on the ramp test means you genuinely push to your limits getting a true value rather than aiming for a specific target.

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I agree. Even now I think that knowing 19:30 is when we’ve hit previous FTP kind of gives away too much. Impossible I know, since it’s got to be related to the time you hold power for - but for me, in an ideal world, it wouldn’t tell us time.

In fact, maybe that’s not possible, could there be a mode where there wouldn’t even be a time clock/counter showing- just gradual ramping up of power - that way we would really have to master the head part of this to ensure we went as long as we can. Or am I missing something that would mean this wouldn’t work?

Then the anticipation for result would be even better! :grin: - knowing that an uplift will just make the next workouts even more ‘fun’ !

Why would you need this.
You are testing to establish the baseline for your following workouts, not for FTP bragging rights. So you should do the test with the same mindset as all the other workouts of the plan.



Why would you need this? Because when your lungs are screaming and your legs are dying, anything that helps you dig another 10 seconds, another 10 seconds, another 10 seconds…

That’s why.

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Some people will like it, some wont, its always going to be that way for any feature. As long as there is an option to turn these extra features on / off everyone can be happy :wink:

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Cover any parts of your screen you don’t want to see with post-it notes.

Personally, I’d like to try my FTP tests not seeing the actual watts numbers (cause that gets into my head), but as I’m on a dumb trainer I’d have a really hard time holding target without that number to watch.

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I personally would rather have NO numbers on my screen. Then the test truly is What can I do right now?’

Feature request: turn OFF power numbers ((except for current target) during tests. Ramp, 8, and 20 min.

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I do not need a gel when completing a ramp test.

Perhaps a coffee before but it’s a 20 minute workout.


nice simple solution! I like it. :grinning: