Feature Request: Allow intensity adjustment during ramp test cool-down

I’m one of those TR users that likes to add some endurance after my ramp test. Unfortunately, the ramp test doesn’t allow me to do this in erg mode. I know that I can switch to resistance mode, but I prefer erg mode, and it’s really nice to just zone out and pedal rather focus after blasting a test. I also know that I can also load up another workout (that’s what I’ve been doing), but that doesn’t feel like the cleanest solution. Seems like it would be an easy fix to allow % adjustment after we’ve gotten our number.



Hi there!

The intensity adjustment for the Ramp Test (image below) isn’t available in the warmup/through the workout, but the intensity adjustment should be available in cooldown (and is accessible through the keyboard shortcuts of your ‘up’ and ‘down’ arrow keys).

Is this new? I swear I tried it before and couldn’t adjust the intensity. I’ve just been loading new workouts ever since, thinking I couldn’t change it. Nice, glad it was changed!

Thanks for looking at this Ivy! The screenshot you posted looks greyed-out and not adjustable, like mine. This is my 18th ramp test, and I don’t think I’m missing something, although my brain really doesn’t work properly after a test.

It is greyed out, and thats intentional for the Ramp Test intensity of the warm up to be fixed/deliberate. Cool down should be adjustable though.