Feature Request: Turn intensity up/down in % blocks in addition to % points

Hi guys

Just wondering if it would be possible to add “up/down” blocks for intensity in the same way it’s currently done for extending cool downs?

Use case example. I regularly extend 60 min workouts with additional endurance/tempo work to 90+ mins. So after the regular cool down, I increase the intensity again from a very low base (usually 40% of FTP) back up to the 60-80% of FTP range (or 200% and more of the cool down intensity). Screenshots attached.

Currently, if you tap on the intensity %, you flip open the +/- dials for intensity. You can only increase/decrease in single % points. So that means if I want to increase to 200% or more, I need to tap the + sign 100 or more times. Not great.

My vision, and I include a mock-up below, is to have similar buttons to the “Extend Cooldown” interface, e.g -10%, -5%, +5%, +10% buttons. In that way, I’d only have to tap 10 times on +10%.

While we’re at it, can we also add a “reset intensity” feature? For example, by tapping on the central number (220% in my screenshot below), you reset the intensity back to 100% in one single tap.


If you press and hold on the current adjustment (+ / -) it switches from 1 point bumps to 5 point jumps. If you hold the + from the beginning at 100%, you can hit 200% in about 5 seconds. It works pretty well now.

Note that this only works on Mobile, and should really be applied to PC and Mac when possible. @IvyAudrain if you could add that to the wish list, that would be great.


Oh, thanks, I did not realise that! That is helpful!


I would really like this on PC, as it would make extending workouts a lot nicer when adjusting the cool-down to really be endurance or tempo.

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Yup, for the record, I requested this function a long time ago. We got it on mobile, but PC/Mac never got it for some reason.

It may be appropriate to merge this thread with my original one, since they have the same basic goal. I will let Ivy review and decide.

Thanks, @mcneese.chad! I think we’ll keep these separate as they’re a bit different in nature (and the hold-down intensity increase is actually now released for all platforms!!! Just make sure you’re updated.)

I will communicate the request to the team that we’d like the ability to ‘jump’ in intensity at greater increments so you don’t have to hold down the arrow key for 15ish seconds to get from 100 to 200. Other alternatives include selecting a different workout, adding a second one later with the tempo/etc. work you want to do, but I do empathise with wanting to add more of a certain effort on the fly. :+1:

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Sweet! I ran an inside workout last night and used the adjustment, but missed if it made larger jumps. Great to hear it should be all set now :smiley:

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Was wondering if anyone would find intensity increases in 5% increments helpful?

I know holding the + or - buttons eventually starts going in 5% increments, I just don’t find the UX quite there. On the bike there is a lot of movement, sweating and gasping for air on harder intervals to make long presses work. Excessive movement of the finger cancels out the button long press action

So my suggestion is to:

  • add a +5% button to the right of the + button in the intensity dialogue
  • add a -5% button to the left of the - button in the intensity dialogue

TR team if you read this, you’ve an iOS engineer that would happily do it for free :slight_smile: , otherwise a happy customer regardless.

I moved your post under an existing one with the same basic goal and discussion. We group common requests together for discussion and easier tracking.

good call, thanks @mcneese.chad . I did a search before posting but didn’t find this :+1:

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