Feature Request: a post-sickness “On Ramp”

Like a few others on the forum, I suffer repetitive minor/moderate illness (sinusitis in my case). I generally stop training at the right time, but I struggle to re-establish myself again. I don’t have the right experience to freestyle my way back onto my plan through cutting down workouts, etc. I also find the return to training one of the most nerve-wracking times as I have to figure it out myself without the reassuring metaphorical hand-holding from @chad and the TR team.

Would it be possible to create a short 7/10 day ‘on ramp’ plan to guide returning sickies back into the swing of things, using a progression of workouts and prompting the user how to assess if they’re getting better at the right rate? I know I’d find it really useful - I’d just chop across to the new recovery plan and follow that until I felt ready to resume my main effort.



Excellent idea! I was just thinking the same as I’m struggling to get over the latest bout of virus. I’m always concerned that if it’s anything other than a cold, then the exercise might make things worse. When it is just a head cold there’s nothing better than a spin to shake it off.


This is a great idea, @ThomDean. I’m passing it along to our product managers and we’ll definitely talk this over in the near future.


Great idea! Could it work for us regular blood donors too?

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My tactic is for taku once I’m able to get spinning again, then west vidette and west vidette+1 to work my way back to 45 and 60 min workouts with some higher intensity. Unfortunately this is well practiced from having to come back from flu and virus type illness at least twice each winter!

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+1 for the “Sickness Recovery” plan

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Awesome idea. It’s an issue faced by every TR user at some point over the season.

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