Feature: Please Please make end of ride boxes bigger so I don't click the wrong one again

I just did my ramp test. I had my mouse next to me, but my monitor is across the room. When I finished I clicked what I thought was “Accept” but it must not have been because the cool down did not start and I have no data on my ramp test. Super upsetting because I really wanted to look that over.

I think the three boxes and new FTP could take up the entire screen, I don’t see a reason for them to be small; they certainly do not need to be smaller than the power, time, etc during the workout.

This goes for extend warm up/cool down box

Using PC btw


Is there a way to recover a discarded ride?

Try contacting support@trainerroad.com


Same with the buttons at the end of a workout. There isn’t a gap between the save box and the discard box and both are quite small. I do my workouts on my phone and it always make me nervous touching the screen in the right spot. You still need to confirm your choice on the next screen but the first step could be friendlier.

Fair enough.

No luck.