Lost FTP Test - Android

Hello All -

I did my ramp test today though unfortunately after I went to re-open the app after catching my breath, it black screened on me and sent me back to the calendar/open workout page. So it doesn’t look like any data was saved/uploaded. I know it was working as I’m on ERG so felt the resistance change throughout.

Does anyone have any idea where the temp files may be stored on an Android phone so I could recover this? Worst case I’ve counted the minutes of the first few songs and can take a stab at where I exploded on the last (then multiply the max 1 min by .77? How would I calc my max 1 min btw?), but really would like to get the data back.

Contact support@trainerroad.com and they should be able to help you.

this happened to me before, support restored my ride after raising a ticket