Favourite quotes from the Podcast Team

Hi all, I’m in the process of trying out my creative text skills and i thought what better way then to immortalize some of your favorite sayings from Coach Chad in some of the workouts or maybe some from the Podcast?
More than happy to share some of these when i’m done with @Nate_Pearson, @Jonathan.

Let me know!


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Progress is not linear - Amber

Your physiology’s not that specific - Amber

It ramps, bro - Nate


The vo2 max interval is a minute longer, coach Chad “i gave you a 2% reduction, deal with it.”

Also from an in workout interval text. “While you may want a break, do you NEED it?”


It’s lost to the ages, but basically everything that happened on “Beers with Chad”, especially Amber’s between two ferns edition.


I have fond memories of Chad’s concern for the extinct “Cocobird.” :rofl: :rofl:


Coach Chad (paraphrase): “It’s not a test, it’s an assessment…so f**k off.”

Ah, the classics.


I don’t have any science to back this up, but…


Oh my favorite by far…

Insert any comment and end it with “at elevation.”

My last FTP test I did 371, at elevation.
I did 400 NP for the first lap, at elevation.
My w/kg is 4.3, at elevation.

I told my kids to clean their rooms, at elevation. I told my SO she looks hot, at elevation. Waiter asks me if I want another round, of course, we are at elevation! More cow bell, at elevation!

I say it all the time now and 99.9% of the people I say it to have no clue but my TR podcast listening friends know and that’s all that matters. :wink:


“Happy Halfway” -Amber


So apparently 40% of us don’t relate to that comment, and I have the science to back that up!

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During a sweet spot workout, something along the lines of “remember, the one that doped, oh wait, that was all of them!”
Excellent comic relief during that interval!
Thanks Coach Chad!

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Still makes me laugh when it pops up.

2 from Amber:

When asked how to take sharp turns “all your f-ing weight on your outside foot.”

“No dieting on the bike!”

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This needs to be on a t-shirt. I’d buy it.

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I think my two favorites not from the podcast but mentioned are:
“Doesn’t anyone have a power meter?” From the beginning of the Leadville 100

“Bottles, guys, bottles” from the Chase

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Which one is that? :grimacing:

LOLing so hard I spit out some coffee.


Pretty sure it’s from an infamous ‘Beers w/ Chad’ episode, but was revisited on one of the recent podcasts (minus the beerish passion).

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It’s an assessment not a test so f*#* off is my fav closely followed by I gave you a 2% reduction so deal with it. Both from the legend which is coach Chad.

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I live in Florida. “At elevation” means taking the trainer and bike to the second floor of the house.


Or riding out to the beach, which involves a bridge over the Intercoastal Waterway. That might be higher, though I’m out of all flood zones and the bridge isn’t. :thinking: