Favorite wheel bags?

I’ve been taking a number of road trips with my gravel bike and two sets of wheels. Since I tend to travel relatively light otherwise, the bike (rear wheel installed) and three separate wheels ride inside the car. Typically I just lay some old towels between the wheels, but I’d like to get some padded bags, both to protect the wheels and keep the car a bit cleaner, especially on the way home.

Lots of topics on bike bags and flying with bikes - anyone have a favorite wheel-specific bag?

Just as an FYI, since there wasn’t much activity on this - I ordered these low cost bags from Amazon, and they seem to be good in terms of material and quality. The 27.5" size fits my 700x28c shod road wheels and 700x38c gravel tires well. Not a ton of excess material, but sufficient room for tires a bit bigger than the 38c. They have some thin padding throughout and reinforcement on both sides at the hub.