40-45mm Gravel Wheelset

Looking for an upgrade to my Roval Terra Cs for my Crux. I’m planning to keep the Rovals for a road setup, but want to get something a little more race focused for dirt. After a recent top 10 I’m about to go Dylan Johnson on this bike and try to find every marginal gain possible LOL.

Trying my best to stay south of USD 1500 if possible.

Hunt Aero?
Elite Drive G45?
Anything else in this ballpark?

reserve 40/44 with 350s that you might find on sale, retail for $1799 but definitely not the lightest


See this thread for possible candidates:


Light Bicycle and Nextie both make wide 40-45mm depth rims. I have a pair of the LB WG44 rims on DT240s, they’re ~1400g, cost under $1500 and I’ve beaten the hell out of them with no issues.


Zipp 303S. 45mm deep, 23mm inner width. I have a set for my road wheels but a lot of people use them on gravel. I went slightly shallower and wider with the Hunt Gravel X-Wide (35mm deep, 25mm IW).

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I recently picked up a pair of 9velo GV 35 2.0 and they offer a 45mm variant. Quite light, with DT-style ratchet hubs, and Sapim CX-Ray spokes. They are oos at the moment, but available again in August, apparently.

Gravel GV Series 24H/24H (9velo.com)


Cantu makes a 50mm.

SwissSide has their 42 mm deep Gravon wheelset on sale for less than 1,000 €. SwissSide is an aerodynamics expert, apart from making wheels they work for a lot of the bike manufacturers, optimizing their designs.

That is almost an exact copy of the DTSwiss GRC 1400 (the old model, not the new one published two weeks ago). The only difference is that SwissSide has now downgraded the hub to DTSwiss 370; earlier it was the same 240 as the GRC 1400. I believe the rim is the same that the GRC 1400 used. DTSwiss and SwissSide have a long history together.

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I don’t think it is a copy, I reckon it is a jointly designed product. To get rid of the stock they have before releasing a new one, they put it on sale. 1,000 € for a quality carbon wheelset from a well-respected wheelset sounds like a good proposition.

Yes, my understanding is that SwissSide does the aero design and DT Swiss hubs, spokes, etc.

Yes. By copy I did not mean it in a negative sense. The companies have been working together and both have their own version of the same product.

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Then we are in agreement. I wasn’t sure whether by copy you meant to say cheap knock-off. Thanks for the clarification. :+1:

That’s quite a big downgrade on the hub - 370 is a 3-pawl hub rather than the awesome ratchet hub you find in 350 hubs and up. I’ve known a few 370 hubs seize up.

The upgrade kit to convert to ratchet internals isn’t too expensive though:

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It is also possible that SwissSide has built the wheels with the upgraded 370 hubs, like DT Swiss have done with their entry level XC wheels.

I believe the X1900 have the old 370 hubs updated with the Ratchet LN kit.

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Just a few notes regarding the Elitewheels DRIVE wheels. I’ve tested the road 45mm variant, and they are the most responsive wheels I’ve tested. They are lightweight, stiff, and decently comfortable. On the other hand, the quality of the bearing is questionable. After about 3000 km, I started to feel they didn’t roll as smoothly anymore. Some of my viewers suggested cleaning the bearings and applying a new grease. I am about to do it soon, as I already have spare bearings in case things go wrong. :sweat_smile:

370 is a 3-pawl hub rather than the awesome ratchet hub you find in 350 hubs and up

Not necessarily. I have 370 hubs that are ratchet. They are from around 2022. They have not been upgraded. Perhaps all 370 hubs are ratchet now.

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Those Swiss side wheels are heavy.

If I were to buy a gravel wheel set I’m going 30mm internal and 40mm external and 45mm deep.

Light bicycle and someone on here are selling that wheel set and it’s under $1500 with 240hubs. @teddygram is who is selling those wheels


Thank you @ABG, I am here to help anyone that wants to look at the Nextie NXT45AGX series wheels.

They are as mentioned a 30mm ID, 40mm OD and 45mm depth and have been on the market for a long time. The rim profile is solid and a lot of manufactures are using a similar designed rim

Depending on your goals these rims may be perfect for customers!

My favorite/most common version of the NXT45AGX is as followed;

NXT45AGX rims
240 hubs
Pillar PSR X-tra spokes
Aluminum Nipples
Tubeless ready (no rim bed holes)

This combo is competitively priced and has an average weight of 1416g +/- 20g.

That’s a pretty good weight for that depth/width rim but carbon spokes or 180 hubs can bring it down even more.

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That’s the jam.

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I did the same thing as you and went with the Reserve Gravel 40|44. hand’s down the best upgrade