Hard (or rugged) wheel case/bag

Just looking for input on a wheel only bag for storage and travel. Would prefer to get a double bag but could live with two singles. Due to the amount of crap in my house I’d like a hard case or something very durable/rugged for good protection. I could only find threads about bike bags which isn’t something I really want or need at this time. What kind of experience do you all have?

Not used it myself but I have one of there bike boxes, so you could look at:
SCICON DOUBLE BICYCLE WHEEL BAG (sorry about the caps copied it from a product description)

Thanks, that’s one of a few I’m looking at. There’s so few reviews on a couple bike websites so it’s hard to research.

Trippy, would be interested to hear what you get at the end of the day, as I may be in the market in the near future.

Kaylee from Competitive Cyclist suggested the EVOC Road Bike Wheel Case over the Scicon. I forgot to ask about the Zipp Connect case. Zipp is twice the price although it looks more durable from pictures.

Well here’s what another person at Competitive Cyclist told me about the Zipp Connect bag vs EVOC Road Bike Wheel Case.

“The Evoc case will be a bit sturdier, and has the protection over each of the hubs. The nicest thing about the Zipp bag is the shoulder strap, but won’t be as protective.”

Since I’m looking for protection more than anything else I’ll be getting the EVOC Road Bike Wheel Case shown here.

EVOC cases arrived today and I’m actually impressed with them now that I have them in hand. They don’t really have padding but what they do have is a thin plastic liner instead. Also, the center plastic for hub protection is quite hard as in I can’t easily make it flex. For reference I have new 303 Firecrest wheels with 28s in the picture and they zip up with plenty of room to spare. Maybe gravel tires would fit but they have a mountain bike version too.

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